5 Easy Ways to Stay Warm in winter

Room heaters are often used in the winter days to keep the room warm and cozy. But such electronic appliances can burn a hole in your pocket due to the increasing electricity bill. Also room heaters tend to take away the moisture from the air which is not at all good for your skin as well as your hair.

Well, there are many other things that you can do to keep yourself warm during the cold winter days.

Here are a few tips to stay warm this winter.

Layer up:

Instead of wearing one large sweater, try to wear layers of thin clothes. Thin clothes will trap body heat and keep you warm. Another point to remember is that do not keep your skin exposed as when the skin gets in touch with cool air, you will feel colder. So, when you go out make sure to wear appropriate woolen clothes and shoes and do not forget to cover up your face and hair.

Eat well and drink warm:

Having a cup of hot tea during the winter months you make you feel warmer. This is mainly because the tannin in tea has a warming effect on your body. It is highly recommended to enjoy herbal drinks more as compared to caffeine or alcohol based drinks. At the same time try to include heat generating foods in your diet plan and eat regular meals to help keep you warm.

Get moving:

Working out in the cold may be the last thing you feel like doing but it must be done. Going for a walk or doing some light exercises will give you a rush of endorphins which boosts mood. Also exercise will get the blood pumping around your body and in turn heat up your skin. Plus, sitting and doing nothing will make you feel colder and so move around and do things you love to do.

Stay social:

During the cold winter nights, you may feel like staying at home rather than catching up with friends. But research shows that having an active social life will help you to remain warm. Scientists from the University of Toronto have come to the conclusion that inactive social life can make you feel colder as compared to when you spend more time with people. Try to enjoy an active social life this winter to help keep the cold at bay and boost your mood.

Snuggle up:

Get cozy with warm blankets at night instead of using an electric blanket which is not even good for your health. You can even use hot water bottle to keep yourself warm. While sleeping, ensure you stay warm by wearing pajamas and bed socks to keep your feet from getting cold overnight. Also avoid wearing woolens in bed as it can strip away the moisture from your skin. A dehydrated skin looks dull and lifeless.

Keep these tips in mind to keep yourself warm throughout the winter days.

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