Banana Yogurt Moisturizing Face Mask for Dry Skin

Skin is the largest organ in your body and you need to take good care of it throughout the year. Be it winter or summer, you need to follow a strict skin care routine. Plus, depending upon the season you need to take some extra care of your skin. This helps to deal with the seasonal changes and also skin gets adapted to the environmental changes in a positive manner.

For instance during the winter season, the skin generally tends to dry out and so you need to opt for extra moisturizing tips to keep the skin soft and supple. To deal with dry winter skin, you can apply a quick and easy face mask that will add moisture and glow back into your skin!

To make this moisturizing face mask, you will need only three ingredients.

The ingredients are:

  • One half of a ripe banana. Bananas are amazing because they have vitamin c and antioxidants which help cleanse the skin of free radicals.

  • Half cup of plain yogurt. Yogurt cools the skin, reducing any redness and tightens pores.

  • A teaspoon of honey. Honey is a natural antibiotic so it can kill any bacteria in your skin as well as add moisture to your skin.

How to make the face mask?

  • Collect all the ingredients at one place.
  • Now, smash the ripe banana properly in a small bowl. Make sure there are no lumps and it has a smooth consistency.
  • Once you have made a paste of the banana, add one teaspoon of honey and mix properly.
  • Then add half cup of plain yogurt to the mixture and stir and mix all the ingredients properly until you get a smooth paste.

Your homemade face mask for dry skin is ready for use.

How to apply this moisturizing face mask?

Before you start applying the face mask, wash your face with lukewarm water properly and pat dry with a towel. It is very important to have a clean face, devoid of any makeup particles so that the moisturizing properties of the face mask can do its work.

Generously apply the mask to your face with the help of a brush. You can even use your fingers to apply the face mask. Allow the mask to sit for about ten minutes. Use lukewarm water to wash it off. Finally, splash some cold water on your face to close up your pores and then pat dry your face with a clean towel.

After using this mask, you can notice instant change in your skin texture and quality. Your skin will feel extra soft and supple.

Apply this hydrating face mask once in two weeks. Those who have extremely dry skin can apply this mask once a week.

To sum up, there is no need to worry about dry skin during the winter days. Just use this face mask on regular basis and people will give compliments on your glowing and radiant looking skin.

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