Easy Home Treatments for Lips in Winter

During the winter days, many people complain about dry and chapped lips. Cold temperature and dry indoor air take away the moisture from the lips and make them dry and chapped.

With a little extra effort and few home remedies you can solve the problem of chapped lips. In addition, these home treatments are pocket friendly and you do not have to worry about side effects.

Here are some of the easy homemade treatments for dry and chapped lips.

  • Honey: It is one of the best things for chapped lips. Simply apply a small amount of honey on your lips, massage gently for a minute and then go to bed. Repeat daily for best results. Another benefit of this simple treatment is that it will take care of your dark lips caused by sun rays and excess smoking.
  • Green tea bags: Instead of discarding a used green tea bag, you can use it to treat your dark lips. After making a cup of green tea, keep the green tea bag aside and allow it to cool. Now take the used green tea bag and press it against your lips for a couple of minutes. Follow this treatment 3 to 4 times a week during the winter season.
  • Sugar: You can use sugar to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead skin cells. Mix together ½ teaspoon of sugar and few drops of olive oil. Now with the help of a small brush that has soft bristles, gently scrub your lips for a minute or two. Then wash it off with water and apply a good lip balm. Do this once or twice a week.
  • Clarified butter: It also helps to keep your lips moisturized and prevent chapped lips. Massage your lips with a few drops of clarified butter before going to bed. In the morning wash it off gently and pat dry to enjoy soft supple lips.
  • Cucumber: Cucumber juice is another great treatment for dry and chapped lips. Extract the juice of a small piece of cucumber, and apply it on your lips. Allow it to sit for half an hour and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat this remedy once daily.
  • Lemon: The juice of lemon is another secret behind soft, smooth and well moisturizer lips. To prepare a lip mask, mix one teaspoon of milk cream along with three drops of lemon juice and mix properly. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour. Later, apply it on and around the lips before going to bed. Repeat this procedure daily for best results.
  • Rose water: You can apply rose water on your lips and massage gently for a minute 2 to 3 times a day. Another option is to mix rose water with glycerin in the ration 1:2. Mix it well and then apply it on your lips before going to bed. The next morning wash it off with normal water.

To sum up, with these easy home treatment you can keep your luscious lips healthy and moisturized throughout winter.

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